Saturday, November 16, 2013


The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is a serious contender as the new go to camera for the micro/nano-budget filmmaker.


CURTIS & DAVE ARE DEAD - THE MOVIE: I am the writer/director of CURTIS & DAVE ARE DEAD.

The Story:
It’s a scorching summer on the Cobb farm outside of the small town ofTiffin, Ohio, when strange things begin to happen to Curtis T Cobb: his wallet and keys move when he's not watching, and something whispers “Isee you,” in his ear as he sleeps. He suspects his girlfriend Beja Lux and his best friend Dave Bailey are the culprits, but the video cameras they set up for their website, King of Cobbville, soon reveal that something else is taunting Curtis. Soon it taunts them all. It is something Curtis doesn’t believe in, something he ridicules. It is Evil. Unfortunately for Curtis and his friends, It believes in them. And It sees them.

Think of it as Napoleon Dynamite on speed meets Paranormal Activity in reality show format. It's available now on Vimeo and very soon at Amazon.